Ley, Colin

Title: Attorney at Law; Asset Protection; Estate Planning
Phone: (206) 219-9559
Email: colin@layroots.com

Colin often describes himself as “just a boy from the mountains” as he fixes his bolo tie and hitches his thumbs in his suspenders. He is originally from Albuquerque, NM and although he misses the green chile (yes, with an “e”), he is happy to call Seattle home. He started his career as a drummer in a punk rock band. He found that didn’t quite pay the rent, so he moved on to protecting consumers from unscrupulous and dishonest companies in the consumer protection division of the NM Attorney General office, then started his own solo practice helping disabled folks get their Social Security benefits. He brought this drive to help people and his love of railing against the “man” to LayRoots as an Asset Protection and Estate Planning guru.

Special Interests – Conspiracies, Surfing, Snowboarding, Fishing, Being an amateur Toyota mechanic, and rock climbing.