Ley, Shreya

Title: Lawyer-Human
Phone: (206) 219-9559
Email: shreya@layroots.com

Shreya Ley

Shreya will challenge you to a dance-off to settle disputes and describes herself as a “third culture kid.” She is originally a child of the global economy and knows too much about the oil & gas industry. She’s pleased with Seattle, but often travels back to Houston, TX for LayRoots and for the family business she started with her father.

She started her career as a creative writer and ballet dancer, but found it difficult to achieve much success (while alive) in the fields if no one sees your work. After a brief stint as a college radio DJ, she resigned herself to working as a Chemical Engineer in the Oil & Gas world of Houston before going to law school.

After law school, she has worked with inventors, entrepreneurs, “idea-people” and Microsoft before starting LayRoots to work with inventors, entrepreneurs, idea people and family businesses.

Practice areas include Asset Protection and Intellectual Property Law.

Special Interest – Podcast/Lawyer-Human link, paddling around on a surfboard (but never standing up), Snowboarding/Sledding, talking to people, cooking, and challenging people to dance-offs.