Bam, Joshua

Title: Attorney at Law, Corporate, Business, Tax, Securities Law and areas relating to Mergers and Aquisitions
Phone: (206) 485-4066

Josh grew up in South Africa, and his family immigrated to the United States in the mid to late 90s. Josh has a B.S. in journalism with a minor in political science from Oklahoma Christian University as well as a Juris Doctor from Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law. He currently works in corporate, business, tax, and securities law, especially in areas relating to mergers and acquisitions. He has drafted and edited practice guides, legal text books, comments to the IRS, and more.

In the past, Josh has served as attorney or GAL for juveniles in dependency and custody cases. He has also worked on business law matters with a private firm in Texas as well as criminal law matters with the DA’s office in Erath Co., Texas. Josh has been published in Russia, won pro bono advocate awards, and worked as part of a team that completed over 4100 individual tax returns in a single tax season.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys traveling, good food, good friends, and writing nonfiction.

He can be found at: